SaiGon Escort | Alison


Name: Alison
Age : 22
Height : 1.73m
Weight : 51kg
Vital Stats : 34C-24-35
Eye Color : Hazel
Hair Color : Brunette
Ethnicity : White
Nationality : Switzerland
Price : Starts from $400 USD

Alison is a 22 years old damsel, with a high percentage of chic and vivacity factor. She’s from Switzerland, She’s vibrant, scintillating and can provoke anyone with her outgoing demeanour and gracious behaviour. Is a very composed and accommodative person, full of humour and a great dressing sense. Is blessed with a curvaceous figure, which any man would like to admire and touch .

Lives life to the fullest. Glittery with mellifluous soft skin and shining green eyes. Is relatively a Barbie model and her naughty capers are a talk all around the escorting arena. Friendly, compassionate and caring. Perfect for a gfe.

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