SaiGon Escort | Cleopatra

Name: Cleopatra
Age : 24
Height : 1.74m
Weight : 52kg
Eye Color : Blue and green
Hair Color : Blonde
Measurements : 34D-24-35
Nationality : Morocco
Ethnicty : White
Languages : English
Price : Starts from $400 USD

Cleopatra is an endearing, erotic and a sizzling damsel from Morocco. She’s 24 years old,She’s 1,72m in altitude, which marks her fairly lofty. Her weight is 52 kgs, inspite of being a long-legged lasso. Everybody would love being around this woman because of her free-spirited demeanour. She’s modish and has an inordinate logic for style, especially for lingerie.

Her sparkling blue and green eyes and silky-soft blonde hair makes her look like a factual diva. Has faultless figure with all the right curves at all the right places, which lures men to her. Hence is perfect for ……..:)

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