SaiGon Escorts | Phoebe


Name : Phoebe
Age : 24
Height : 1.66m
Weight : 48kg
Vital Stats : 33C24-33
Ethnicity : Vietnamese
Languages : Vietnamese, English Price : Starts from $300 USD

Phoebe is a 24 years old, She’s sassy, horny and hot. Sexy, young and tantalizing. Has a very sexy figure with curves at all the right places. Can swing one man or two at a time. Is very glamourous, stylish and has a great dressing sense. Is a plaything for any man. She’s bubbly, cheerful and free-spirited.

Full of life and can cheer anyone up within seconds. Has an uncanny skill to satisfy any man and make him forget all his tensions and worries. Is a good dancer and hence perfect for taking to the disco or for a night-out.

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